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Black Irish Republican?

Last night we watched a Jackie Chan movie. The reason for its viewing was an article by the director who said the performance he wanted from Jackie was not a funny one. This was a very serious role. Jackie would not be laughing or stumbling through situations. The movie was The Foreigner. Here is the trailer on IMDb There were quite a few peculiarities about the movie that caught us of guard. Firstly, there is no date or time period given. You are supposed to assume that it is modern, but then the use of the IRA as villains makes you think it is older since The Troubles are believed to be behind us. I do not know if it was the intention of the filmmaker, the writers, or the production company to make it this way.  The director, Martin Campbell , is no stranger to this type of story though. Having directed movies like GoldenEye and The Mask of Zorro, he goes back and forth through time effortlessly, and neither of these movies establishes a timeline right away. You are left to

It Starts at The End and Goes Backwards

Hello Inter-Webs This is a relaunch of a blog I started 2+ years ago. Some of my old posts may be posted for refreshing and perusal as I am trying to play with this new platform. This is the first of many things to come. I see this page as a repository for my thoughts and designs and artwork. Maybe occasionally a question that needs crowdsourcing to solve or ponder. My name is Ffaelan. I am a lot of things. Mad, bad and dangerous to know? Maybe a little. But what I have is a brain that will not shut up. And in addition to side loading my thoughts to various other platforms, I hope to find a way to share my thoughts, art, and whatever else crosses my mind at any point during the day. I don't particularly care if this becomes a popular thing or not. I hope to unload the stresses I feel by not expressing myself artistically every day when I can. Here you may find designs, artwork, or just rambling and musings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.