Competitive Eating vs Hunger in America

I have nothing good to say here...

There are about 100 or more events in the united states every year having to do with competitive eating. The MLE(Major League Eating) Hosts about 80. I had to look that up.


There around 17.5 million households in the united states that are food insecure. That means they are not sure where their next meal is coming from.


We pay farmers to not grow because it is cheaper than having the government buy all the extra food and then have it rot in warehouses.
It also helps stabilize prices.


The effects of childhood hunger have a direct correlation to their development and will have a negative impact on their health later in life and ultimately limits potential in life.


Every year my wife and I donate to food kitchens around us. We give canned foods at our places of work when they have canned food drives(check food bank list as to what is appropriate). We seek out businesses in our area that offer deals or bonuses for bringing or buying canned food for local food banks.

Stone Brewery had a great drive this year. "Bring a can, get a can" (You might need to age check to get into the article.) :)

Most local grocery stores have the food bank bins right there in the store so you can buy stuff and put it right in the container.

There is no reason why at this time in human development, anyone in the world needs to go hungry. And given all the resources we have here in the good ole US of A, there should not be starving or hungry children here either. If we can afford to have grown adults stuff their faces with all manner of foods, there is no reason we cannot feed every person in America.

So, Why?

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