Homemade Pickle Relish

 A few months ago we were at the supermarket and there was a sale on pickling cucumbers. We had wanted to try this out for some time, so we bought a few pounds, as well as a bunch of other vegetables, and a Horchata jug to do the pickling in. I mean, if you are going to experiment with something in our house, you might as well throw in anything you want and see what sticks.

We did a quick pickle and then let sit(pickle) for a few weeks (ahem, maybe a couple months), and then transferred them into jars using a cold canning technique. Basically, we filled the jars with the pickled vegetables. then poured the brine into the very top of the jar and sealed it airtight.
Then we let them sit until we figured out what to do with 8 large mason jars of pickled veggies, besides eating them.  We stored them in our beer fridge in the garage and promptly forgot about them.

A few months later and I am putting together a sandwich spread for my wife's lunch(it is delicious) and the recipe calls for pickles. Well, where am I going to find those? Anyway, the pickles were amazing. Everything in the jars was amazing. So they have been quite popular here.

Anyway, to make a long story short(Too Late), I got a hankering for relish one day and thought this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

I grabbed a couple of jars that were more of a varied selection than just pickles and pulled out the ole reliable food processor.

I strained them first because I did not want to make a pickle soup. Maybe in the future. I know they have pickle ice cream, maybe a pickle sorbet.

Strained and in they go.

It is here, dear reader I would recommend dividing the batch up by size. I had minced most of it before I had even made a dent in the pickles. So I then divided and conquered. I would also recommend, just start with pickles only. They took the longest of the veggies to dice. Do them in separate batches and then toss it all back together and spin to combine.

I stuck them in a nice glass lidded mason jar with a silicone seal and added a little of the brine to bring the liquid level up over the relish as an added "seal". I kept the remainder of the brine because of ...reasons? I have no idea I just hate being wasteful. And how does it taste you may ask? Oh, just give me a spoon and leave me alone with my gluttony. Now if you do not mind I have to go to the gym.

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