That's a Damn Shame

 Some time Ago I came upon this wonderful Webcomic called Fowl Language, it is a parenting comic mostly, but I find it very philosophical at the same time. It was different from many other webcomics I had read in its use of language, and comedy and anger. The artist is Brian Gordon, and it can be found at Fowl Language Comics.

A few years ago I had found another comic that had the same style and irreverence. Sadly it did not stay long and it is difficult to find a true repository of the comics online. 

I found out today why that is. It seems that the artist of this comic also worked for Hallmark greeting cards and the characters were created for them. There was a bit of overlap between the use in the cards and their life online, but when the artist was laid off from Hallmark, I guess the rights kind of drifted. I am not sure who owns them, but they are all over the internet in various formats. 

The comic was called Chuck and Beans, and it depicted the life of an anthropomorphic Dog and Rabbit as they navigate through their 20's and 30's. It is hilarious. The comics were always signed by a signature I could not make out and attributed to a website called shoebox blog, now defunct for the most part. Well, I finally got the name of the artist and it lead to me finding out, it was also Brian Gordon, of Fowl Language fame. I felt this one comic, which is also one of my favorites, also sums up my feelings on not knowing these facts. 

As one could surmise I was a little giddy about this realization. I have stated before my love of webcomics, and to find that two of my favorites were drawn by the same artist, sent me over the moon. I could go on gushing about these comics all day and post dozens of wonderful adventures and snide snarky commentaries, but I will leave that up to you.

You can find Fowl Language Comics at or on Instagram at

Chuck and Beans, as they say above...That's a Damn Shame...

But That's Just Me...Walking My Mind


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